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Services Overview

Quick Turn Around

Metal coating is often the final step in the manufacturing process. Someone is usually waiting for the product by the time it gets to us for finishing. We have the capacity and discipline to guarantee we will deliver on-time, and often within a few days lead time. Our Big Lake Minnesota location provides the efficiency advantages of a modern facility, in a lower cost base and business friendly area.

Powder Coating

Ultra Image is qualified for salt scratch test and color match by Fortune 500 OEM's for a range of colors. We regularly qualify new colors for our large customers. We work closely with powder manufacturers to match colors and improve on existing formulations. For customers who need more variety, we offer over 1,000 colors in stock. Most additional colors are available within days from our powder manufacturers. Our 80" conveyor system openings easily process part sizes 5'6" height x 4' width x 10' length. Larger parts are run on our batch line. Our pre-treatment chemicals are designed for use with aluminum or steel, which provides proper powder bonding and adhesion.